What does the FREE initial consultation involve?

The Initial Consultation takes about an hour and is free with absolutely no obligation or pressure to return.

This initial visit aims to increase your understanding of how a variety of issues such as, anxiety, stress, negative thinking and emotions, or depression can be created, and how many seemingly unrelated issues may be rooted in one of these or related to other problems. We will also look at role of hypnotherapy/therapy/coaching, what we can do to help and discuss roughly what each session would involve. Understanding this is the first step in assisting you to make positive change, and it never ceases to delight me, how this session alone can bring about such a change in people. It is an opportunity for us to meet online and discuss the therapy process and any issues you would like to talk about.  However, due to the approach I use there is no necessity to discuss specific issues or problems if you do not wish to, I would merely need to know the outcome you would like to achieve. If you are enquiring about hypnotherapy or mindfulness you will be given a free Mp3 to listen to. You then leave, with absolutely no obligation, to decide if you wish to contact me again to arrange some sessions.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions will depend upon individual needs and can generally be discussed briefly over the telephone, as a guide:

  • Treatment of mild to moderate stress or anxiety can require around 6 sessions.
  • Depression may require approximately 6 - 12 sessions.
  • Weight loss can be around 6 sessions with perhaps odd checkins throughout the year

However, this is a rough guide as everyones needs and engagement with the process varies.

How long is a session?

Sessions are 1 hour long

How often do you see people?

Appointments are often weekly to start with, as this encourages an effective and speedy start, however, many people prefer to be seen fortnightly from the outset as this suits some people time wise and also spaces out the cost.

Are sessions just as effective when carried out online?

Yes, sessions, which are now  via Zoom, Skype or FaceTime,  are equally as effective as those in person, often actually enabling people to be even more comfortable as they are in their own chosen environment.


Can everyone be hypnotised?

This is a question very frequently asked, and the simple answer is anyone can be assisted into the gentle state of hypnotic relaxation used in this therapeutic process. However, whilst a belief in hypnosis is not necessary, the desire to allow yourself go into this hypnotic focused state of relaxation is absolutely essential.

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